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Everybody should have access to information and knowledge. Our price differentiation allows small firms or even non-corporates to have access to our expertise at very competitive prices. A summary list of our services follows:

  • Ready made disposables
    • White papers series on various topics of our expertise
    • Regular Power Point presentations on different topics such as the follow up of the economic and financial crisis, the banking situation world wide, the balance effects of the new financial regulation, outlook for the construction sector, outlook for the energy sector, etc.
    • Visit our service page online ‘aftermath information services’.
  • ‘Do it your self’ services: Compilation of white papers and academic papers of the topic of your interest. We seek, compile and organize all the available and necessary literature that you may need to develop your own consultation job.
  • Telephone consultation and mentoring. On request we organise one to one conference calls with an industry or academic expert on the topic of your interest. This service includes also a compilation of the relevant literature mentioned above.
  • Research Seminar, continuous Improvement and applied tutorials. We can organise presentations and seminars on the topics of your interest led by academic or industry experts. This service includes also all services mentioned above.
  • Consultation (in/out of the house). We develop our above mentioned consulting services at a fix prices and always linked to pre defined objectives. The number of consulting units will be pre defined according to the needs of the client. All consultation services include the above mentioned extra services.
  • Consultation with academic reach (in/out of the house). The consultation is driven not only by the consultant but also developed as task forces with top ranked academics.  Additionally tailor made appliances will be programmed for the research and monitoring. Clients acquiring this product will have access to most of the previously mentioned services.
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