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Industry Expertise

  • Strategic Planning,
    • We support the corporate strategic planning function in its decision taking process related to the market positioning, growth strategy, product segmentation, optimal portfolio management and CAPEX and financial planning. Our services also cover alternative macro economic scenario analysis, forecasting, sensitivity analysis, portfolio optimization and optimal growth strategies.
  • Market Research and Product Integration
    • Prior to launching a new product, we perform for you a demand structure analysis, Incumbent vs Entrant Strategic Planning, analysis of the Market Segmentation and assessment of the concentration degree of peers and clients. We also analyse the possible alternatives to boost the value chain of your group.
  • Consumer Strategy and Marketing
    • We offer the marketing division of your company services like customer segmentation analysisoptimal pricingsales and channel effectiveness analysis.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Due Diligence
    • Serving to M&A we develop asset and business valuation tasks as well as best practice research for the optimal peer positioning of your company.
  • Performance Improvement & Process Optimization
    • Trying to boost our client’s performance we perform diagnostics, complexity management, working capital management, purchasing and G&A optimization.
  • Low carbon -liaison, environmental impact analysis and planning.
    • In anticipation of the forthcoming environmental regulatory change expected along the next decade (such EU directive on low carbon emissions 2020) aftermath has implemented an environmental impact analysis an expertise line. aftermath also has a track record on carbon emission – pricing and trading.

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